Presidencia de la Nación

Mission, vision and values


ANMAT's objective is to control and monitor the activities, processes and technologies related to drug products, medical devices, foods and materials in contact with them, household sanitizing products and cosmetics; as well as to surveil their efficacy and the detection of adverse events resulting from the consumption and use of said products.

Likewise, ANMAT is responsible for generating spaces for continuous work, which are intended to support technological innovation and research in the sectors within its scope of competence, since it understands research and development as part of knowledge construction and as the grounds for establishing regulations based on technical and scientific criteria.

Also, ANMAT recognizes the role of social responsibility in the progress and development of institutions and society. Therefore, it conceives it as part of its organizational culture, manifested in its daily actions.


To be a Health Authority of Reference for the population and health professionals, in terms of quality, safety, efficacy and information availability of the products within its sphere of competence. To strengthen itself as a reference organization at national and international level.

To proactively take control and initiative for an anticipated action, with a strong commitment to Public Health.


Service attitude

Confidentiality and Integrity

Commitment and sense of belonging

Response capacity

Reliability and credibility


Human talent

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