Presidencia de la Nación

What is ANMAT?

The National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Devices is a decentralized body under the Ministry of Health of the Argentine Nation. It is autarchic and holds nationwide jurisdiction.

Its main functions, as established by Decree 1490/92, are as follows:

  1. To control and monitor the soundness and quality of drugs, chemical products, reagents, dosage forms, drug products, diagnostic elements, biomedical materials and technology, and any other product to be used and applied in human medicine.

  2. To control and monitor the soundness and quality of packaged foods, including specific inputs, additives, colorants, sweeteners and ingredients used in human food, as well as of household sanitizing products and materials in contact with food.

  3. To control and monitor the soundness and quality of human hygiene, toiletry and cosmetic products, and of the drugs and materials used as their components.

  4. To surveil the efficacy of the abovementioned products, elements and materials as well as the detection of adverse effects resulting from their consumption and use, and of the presence in said products of any type of substance or residue, either organic or inorganic, that may affect the health of the population.

  5. To control the activities, processes and technologies conducted in terms of the supply, production, manufacture, fractionation, importation and/or exportation, warehousing and commercialization of the products, substances, elements and materials consumed or used in human medicine, food and cosmetics.

  6. To conduct actions for the prevention and protection of the population's health, within its sphere of competence.

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