Presidencia de la Nación

Director of the Agency of Access to Public Information

Mg. Beatriz de Anchorena

Beatriz de Anchorena

Beatriz de Anchorena was appointed as Director of the Agency of Access to Public Information in March 2022, in accordance with the procedure provided by Law 27.275, also becoming the control authority of Law 25.326 of Personal Data Protection.

Beatriz holds a Politics Science Bachelor from Buenos Aires University, a Public Policies and Development Management Master from Georgetown University and San Martin National University and is doctoral candidate in Social Sciences at Buenos Aires University.

She was Deputy Secretary of the Institutional Strengthening of Management and Public Employment Secretariat from the Headquarters of the Cabinet of Ministers, where she promoted the creation of the National Directorate of Integrity and Transparency, with the aim of promoting an organizational culture in the public sector based on the values of public ethics, integrity and transparency.

She was also a member of the National Board of Integrity and Transparency. Previously, she was General Coordinator of the Federal Council of Public Function and Director of Technical Assistance to Provinces in the Deputy Secretary of Public Management from the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers.

She has served as Executive Director of Commitment Foundation, where she promoted the articulation of civil society organizations, business sector and the State in the production of public policies for sustainable development with social inclusion.

She worked as an independent consultant on issues of design and analysis of public policies, institutional strengthening and social responsibility for various agencies of the national public sector and provincial public administrations, as well as for civil society organizations; and participated in technical assistance processes in various countries of the region.

She is a professor in Public Administration and Management and Control of Public Policies at the Latin American University of Social Sciences (FLACSO), and also teaches at the Specialization in Public Management for Results of the Argentine Association of Budget and Public Financial Administration (ASAP) and the Economic Sciences University (FCE/UBA).

Furthermore, she is author of numerous publications such as “Elites and state capture: control and regulation in late neoliberalism” (FLACSO Argentina, 2018, comp.); More and Better State: a Public Administration at the service of the National Project (Instituto Patria, 2019) and “Building a present State: New Social Contract, Strengthening of Capacities and Map of State Action” (CUINAP, 2020) and co-author with Ana Castellani of “Pandemic, Challenges and responses from society, the State and the Public University” (UNAHUR, 2021).

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