Presidencia de la Nación

Recommendations for driving

If you are going to rent or drive your own vehicle, keep these tips in mind.

Recommendations for safe driving

Do not drink alcohol before driving.
Avoid risky maneuvers, such as undue overtaking or riding on the shoulder.
Do not use cell phone while driving.
Rest adequately before starting the trip.
All occupants must be properly restrained with seat belts and
children with the Child Restraint System.
If the trip is by motorcycle, use a helmet and reflective clothing.
Respect the maximum and minimum speeds allowed.
Bring the corresponding documentation.

Reporting channel for acts of road violence

To report acts of road violence, the ANSV has enabled the WhatsApp line 011-6207-0590, where citizens can make their complaint by sending the material they record identifying the person responsible.

Also, they can do it through the social networks of the ANSV -InfoSegVial- and/or by email: [email protected].

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