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About ANMAT Federal Plan

ANMAT Federal Plan was created by ANMAT Regulation 4181/10 to strengthen regulatory, monitoring and vigilance capacities in the fields of drug products, food and medical devices, by means of a joint strategy that enables articulation at jurisdictional, regional and national level.

The Plan is composed of the Federal program of Food Control, the Federal Program of Drug Products Control and the Federal Program of Medical Devices Control.

By means of Resolutions issued by the relevant ministries, twenty-five jurisdictions joined the Federal Plan. Said jurisdictions constitute a coordinated working space that fosters information flow and an interconnected approach to the emerging health topics within its regulatory sphere.

Each jurisdiction has its own health representative in the various areas regulated, who is an agent previously authorized by the relevant ministry authority and strategically designated to pursue a dialogue space between their jurisdiction and ANMAT.

Based on the identification of crosscutting problems in various jurisdictional health fields, the Federal Plan devises joint work strategies intended for federal consensus strengthening.

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