High-Level Dialogue on Climate Action in the Americas

An exchange to boost a shared agenda to face climate change

Wednesday, September 8th - 10:00 AM (GMT-3)

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The High-Level Dialogue on Climate Action in the Americas is a meeting co-organized by the governments of Argentina, Barbados, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic. It will convene Heads of State, the private, financial and academic sectors, multilateral credit agencies and civil society organizations, to collectively address climate ambition, innovative means of implementation and measures to enhance adaptation and resilience in the countries of the continent.

Live broadcasting

Urgent climate action

In the face of the scientific evidence put forward by the recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on August 9th, 2021, and in accordance with the Paris Agreement, it is imperative to increase the political relevance of the climate agenda.

General messages of the event

Climate change is an existential threat that demands increased ambition, urgent action and fraternal collaboration among all international actors.

We need to design innovative mechanisms for means of implementation that enable effective climate action in the continent and promote a post-pandemic economic recovery in a resilient and sustainable way, aligned with the Paris Agreement.

We seek to explore collaboration mechanisms to enhance adaptation and resilience in our territories and communities.


The event will be structured in three segments that will lead to a high-level debate, technical discussions and a ministerial roundtable.

First Segment: Sprint to Glasgow. Enhancing Climate Ambition

High-level political panel with representatives from countries that express commitment on climate ambition and action.

Second Segment: From Ambition to Implementation

Panel 1: Innovative Mechanisms for Means of Implementation

Panel 2: Accelerating Climate Action Through Regional Cooperation

Panel 3: Engaging the Private Sector in Climate Action

Third Segment: Enhancing Resilience and Reducing Vulnerability

Panel 4: Building Coastal-Marine Resilience to Climate Vulnerability

Panel 5: Nature and Climate: Transformative Approaches for Adaptation and Climate Action

Ministerial Roundtable


Messages from the Ministers of the Americas

Chair's Summary from High-Level Dialogue on Climate Action in the Americas