Presence in global data protection agenda

The Director of the Agency Eduardo Bertoni was elected member of the Bureau of the Consultative Committee of Convention 108.

During the 39th Plenary Meeting of the Consultative Committee of the Convention for the protection of individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data (Convention 108) held in Strasbourg, France, Eduardo Bertoni was elected as a member of the Bureau in his capacity as the head of the Agency.

The Consultative Committee is composed of representatives of the Parties to the Convention and complemented by observers from other States, international organizations and non-governmental organizations. In Argentina Convention 108 entered into force in June 1, 2019. The Bureau is composed of the President and two Vice-Presidents of the Committee, together with four members elected by the Consultative Committee and the outgoing president.

The main functions of the Bureau are to prepare and approve opinions requested by bodies of the Council of Europe; to produce reports taking into account the comments of the delegations of the Consultative Committee; to review the agenda of the plenary meetings and propose how to address the issues; to appoint experts to carry out specific activities and coordinate meetings with other bodies of the Council of Europe, among others.

The Bureau is currently integrated by representatives from Italy, Georgia, Luxembourg, Portugal, Serbia and Senegal.

Convention 108 is the only multilateral instrument of a binding nature regarding the protection of personal data. It aims to protect the privacy of individuals against possible abuses in the processing of their data. Under this agreement, the States Parties must take the necessary measures in their national legislation to apply the principles of the Convention, in order to guarantee an adequate treatment of personal data and ensure that the owners of the data can exercise their rights.