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Argentina - 2nd Notice To Samurai Holders



March 25, 2018

On February 22, 2018, the Ministry of Finance of the Argentine Republic (the “Republic”) invited holders of the Republic’s outstanding Japanese law governed bonds listed below (the “Samurai Bonds”) to settle their outstanding claims under the terms and conditions of the proposal set forth in the attached notice (the “Proposal”).

List of Eligible Samurai Bonds

The Republic of Argentina Japanese Yen Bonds – Fourth Series (1996)

The Republic of Argentina Japanese Yen Bonds – Fifth Series (1999)

The Republic of Argentina Japanese Yen Bonds – Sixth Series (2000)

The Republic of Argentina Japanese Yen Bonds – Seventh Series (2000)

The Republic’s Ministry of Finance informs all holders of Samurai Bonds that as of March 23, 2018, 103 bondholders have agreed to accept the Proposal. These 103 bondholders collectively own the following outstanding principal amount of each Series of Samurai Bonds:

Series Total Outstanding Principal Amount * (JPY) Total Principal Amount Accepted (JPY)


% of Total Outstanding Principal Amount
Fourth Series 334 million 181 million 54.2%
Fifth Series 90 million 60 million 66.7%
Sixth Series 559 million 234 million 41.9%
Seventh Series 895 million 268 million 29.9%
  • Excludes Samurai Bonds held by or on behalf of the Republic and submitted for cancellation to the CCB.

For those Series where a majority of bondholders accept the Proposal, the Republic intends to have the terms and conditions of the Proposal become binding on all holders of those Series of Samurai Bonds by having the bondholders pass the required resolution at a bondholders’ meeting. Although the Republic reserves the right to enter into individual settlement agreements with bondholders, the Republic will continue to prioritize finding a solution that includes all holders of Samurai Bonds, and will work towards a prompt settlement and payment. The Republic therefore encourages bondholders to accept the Proposal.

Holders of the Samurai Bonds who have not yet accepted the Proposal but wish to do so and participate in the upcoming settlement process should contact one of the following no later than April 27, 2018:

  1. Ministry of Finance, of the Argentine Republic

Osvaldo Colazo (Mr.) (e-mail: [email protected])

Gabriela Medrano (Ms.) (e-mail: [email protected])

  1. Kojima Law Offices, attorneys in Japan for the Republic of Argentina

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