Open Government Partnership Americas Regional Meeting 2017

The meeting will take place on November 21-22 in Buenos Aires, as part of the Open Government Week (November 20-24).

The Americas Regional Meeting of the Open Government Partnership, hosted in Buenos Aires, will bring over 2,000 representatives from governments and civil society, digital innovators, developers, journalists, and researchers to share their experience and further the open government agenda in the face of current global challenges.

Argentina’s government and civil society will host the Regional Americas Meeting of the Open Government Partnership on November 21 and 22 at the Centro Cultural Nestor Kirchner – Sarmiento 151 CABA.
The day before the meeting, on November 20, we will host Civil Society Day, which will gather civil society representatives and activists to share their experiences and ideas regarding open government challenges on the continent. The Points of Contact meeting of national and subnational government representatives will also take place the same day.
As of today, 18 American governments participate in the Open Government Partnership, which aims to secure open governments through the advancement of transparent and participatory policies, cocreation of openness commitments, and public accountability.
In this spirit, and based on the principles of cooperation and participation that are core to the Partnership, we seek to ensure that meeting participants bring ideas to design an agenda that reflects the interests and priorities of the regional open government community.

Place of the event

The event will be held on 21 and 22 November at the Centro Cultural Kirchner (CCK), Sarmiento 151. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.


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