Recurrent Training Course: updating on knowledge about investigation

Last October 29 to 31 was the date when an edition of the Recurrent Training Course was conducted with the aim of updating and reinforcing the knowledge about aircraft accidents investigation.

The course, given by investigators and specialized instructors, took place in the classroom of JIAAC headquarters, in the city of Buenos Aires.

This time, the course had an open format, calling for people who had previously done the Initial Investigation Course organized by JIAAC, therefore, apart from investigators from that organization, there were other 16 people from professional sectors related to aviation from professional sectors related to aviation, such as staff from management, directorates or safety programs who had done the course 2 years, or more, before.

The contents included: accident investigation model, national and international regulations, the investigation process, human factors, communication and safety products. Furthermore, there was a practice section with study cases, in which the students applied the acquired knowledge.