Convenio para la formación sindical de trabajadores petroleros y del gas

Lo firmaron el ministro Tomada y el secretario general del Sindicato de Petróleo y Gas Privado de Río Negro, Neuquén y La Pampa, Guillermo Pereyra.

The Nation’s President received business and trade union representatives from the construction, commerce, metallurgical, janitors’ and public workers’ sectors after the wage agreements reached of around 27%.

Carlos Tomada, Minister of Labour, and Axel Kiciloff, Minister of Economy, accompanied Cristina Fernández de Kirchner during the hearing held at the House of Government. The meeting was also attended by General Secretaries Antonio Caló from the UOM, Andrés Rodríguez, UPCN; Gerardo Martínez, UOCRA; Armando Cavalieri, Commerce Employees’ trade union and Víctor Santamaría, SUTERH. The hearing also brought together the representatives of the Argentine Chamber of Construction Juan Chediak, ADIMRA’s Juan Venutolo, of the Argentine Chamber of Commerce Carlos Raúl de la Vega and the Argentine Confederation of the Medium Enterprise Osvaldo Cornide.

By the end of the meeting, Minister Tomada gave a press conference in which he stated that “it was a complex negotiation, as collective negotiations usually are, in which consensus ultimately prevails over.” He further underlined that “strategic agreements, which consist in maintaining the acquisitive power of wages and giving predictability to employers, have been fulfilled completely.” The official also assured that during the meeting with the Head of State, “the parties expressed their satisfaction.” Moreover, he considered that the agreement “contributes to continuing on this stage in which employment is stable and the acquisitive power of wages is maintained as a pillar of the income policy in our country.”