Argentina and countries from the whole region move forward in the implementation of the State Safety Programme

Aviation authorities and representatives from aviation-related organizations from the whole South American region convened in ICAO office, in Peru, to participate in the “Fifth SSP implementation meeting.” Workshops, debates and analysis of the main barriers.

On Friday, 11th November, the Fifth meeting of representatives of the civil aviation sector in Lima ended in Lima, Peru. The meeting, which included workshops, presentations and debate panels, had the objective of sampling the progress and difficulties found in the process of implementing the ‘State Safety Programme’ (SSP) in the countries of the South American region.

The Argentinian group was made up of aviation authorities, including Miriam Corradini, Emilce López, Pablo Coradazzi and Alejandro Sposetti, representatives of the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC), and Daniel Barafani, for the Civil Aviation Accident Investigation Board (JIAAC).

The first sessions focused on making a detailed review of the conditions and characteristics of the SSP with its respective implementation phases. The presentations were conducted by Marcelo Ureña, ICAO Officer in Lima.

Afterwards, 5 States were suggested for evaluation of their SSP implementation, among which Argentina was included, and a workshop to review the 91 Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP) ‘Protocol Questions’ (PQs) started. JIAAC National Director of Investigations, Daniel Barafani, was the rapporteur of the working group together with 10 other participants.

There was a total of 5 working groups with 11 people in each one, who carried out an evaluation of the SSP to each State. Once the sampling of the region is ready, they will discuss which the main barriers are in order to define common strategies to move forward in the SSP implementation.