Technical Cooperation Agreement signed between JIAAC and AEMSA

Authorities of the Civil Aviation Accident Investigation Board (JIAAC) and of Aeronautica de Mendoza Sociedad Anónima (AEMSA) signed a Collaboration and Technical Assistance Agreement.

Pamela Suárez, president of the JIAAC and Mario Abrego, General Manager of AEMSA, signed the document at the National University of Cuyo (UNCuyo) in Mendoza.

As part of the previous activities, Suarez visited the facilities of Aeronáutica de Mendoza Sociedad Anónima, a company with majority state participation that performs aerial work for the mitigation of hail and the fight against pests that affect crops in the region. In addition, they have planned in the future to develop cargo air transport services, passengers and health flights. There, in addition, the president of the JIAAC was able to know in detail the specific characteristics of this particular work that has as its central axis the protection of the crops of the region and, therefore, preserve their economic development.

The agreement aims to promote collaboration between both parties, through research, the exchange of information and reciprocal advice. In addition, the agreement provides for an instance of exchange of technical information, through publications and books of common interest

After signing Abrego highlighted the importance of this agreement as "the first step to then, through agreements have activities and operations that are at the service of the Board", while highlighting "the possibility of developing training together" . Finally he explained that "the anti-harangue fight basically works to protect the interests of the province by operating against one of the natural scourges that occur in the summer season fundamentally".

"This cooperation agreement is very important for us because it will allow us to streamline logistics and generate many more capacities of both parties to promote Operational Safety", coincided Suarez.