JIAAC carries out an annual training and instruction program aimed at different actors of the aeronautical system. These activities are included among the functions that it has as an AIG organism and aim specifically to make an effective contribution to aviation safety, not only among researchers and authorities, but among the members of the entire aeronautical community in general.

The National Directorate of Management and Development Control (DNCGyD) is responsible for the coordination and execution of courses, workshops, training, as well as participation in forums, conferences and various types of events in the sector. It is also the area responsible for the dissemination of the knowledge generated as the country's AIG authority and the Operational Safety Recommendations (RSO) included in each Safety Report (IS).

The courses aim to provide theoretical and normative content as well as transfer knowledge and experiences acquired in the field of accident and incident investigation. At the same time, emphasis is placed on the dissemination of safety recommendations and the results of the reports, emphasizing that these are the pillars on which the aviation safety structure is based and supported.