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Important Information

Considering Disposition N° DI-2020-1714-APN-DNM#MI and its amendment N° DI-2021-1611-APN-DNM#MI published in the Official Bulletin on 23th June 2021, which provided a last extension of the temporary documents for the term of FIFTEEN (15) calendar days –expiration date operates on 8th July 2021- For those who have not renewed it yet, it is informed that they must apply for the renewal under the channels available for each case.

Asylum-seekers who have their domicile in the MABA (Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires):

You must apply for an appointment for the renewal by entering the following link:

Once you apply, you will receive the appointment confirmation in your e-mail address, for this reason it is important that you type it properly. The e-mail address you declare will be considered your correspondence e-mail address; there you may be informed of news, notices and summons.

If you wish to make any type of inquiry in particular about the renewal, you can do it to the following e-mail [email protected] explain the motive and attach your temporary document.

We suggest to read the following explanatory guide.

Asylum-seekers who have their domicile in the interior of the country:

You must go to the Delegate Agency or the Immigration Office of the National Bureau of Migration closest to your domicile.

Important: Renewal of the temporary document is not possible if you are out of the Argentine territory. In that case, you can send your inquiry to the following e-mail address: [email protected] In order to be informed about how to proceed

Bear in mind:

The Temporary Documents issued under the Proceedings of the application for the recognition of the status of refugee entitled the holder to work, accommodate, study and access to the public health system, but neither prove identity nor are travelling documents. In this sense, in case of asylum-seekers that leave the territory and, based upon their nationality, Argentina requires a visa to re-entry, they must obtain it before the Argentine consulate authorities of the country where they be.

Frequently asked questions related to the measures taken

What happen if I do not renew the temporary document?
As from the expiration of Disposition DNM Nº 1714/2020 and its amendments, which will operate on 08/07/2021, the no renewal of the temporary document will be considered lack of interest and can lead to the closure of the file

What happen if I do not have an appointment for a personal interview?
If an interview is appointed, you will be informed. If you have inquiries to this regard, you can send an e-mail to the Secretary.

What should I do if I want to apply for the recognition of the status of refugee for the first time?
You must enter and carefully read the guide before applying.
You can also apply before the Delegate Agency or Office of the National Bureau of Migrations closest to your domicile.

What happen to the term for submiting an appeal?
Under Executive Order N° 876/2020 deadlines in administrative proceedings governed by National Law on Administrative Proceedings Nº 19.549, by Rules of Administrative Proceedings Executive Order Nº 1759/72 - O.T. 2017 and by other special proceedings that had been suspended by Executive Order Nº 298/20 and its amendments, were resumed as from 30th November 2020.

Is the temporary document valid to exit or enter the country?
The Temporary Document for Asylum-Seeker neither proves identity nor is a valid travelling document. For this reason you must have a valid document and comply with the migratory requiments established.
If you leave the national territory and, based upon your nationality, Argentina requires a visa to re-entry, you must obtain it before the Argentine consulate authorities of the country where you be.

If you have other enquiries, contact us:

E-mail: [email protected]
011 4317-0200 INT. 74022 / 74023

If you need legal advice, you can contact the Office of Legal Aid for Refugees and Refugee Status Applicants Programme, at the Argentine Public Defender’s Office (Res. DGN N° 1.055/11).

E-mail: [email protected]

Given that the present health situation is dynamic, we urge you to check regularly our web page for official communications or announcements.

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