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(Certificate of Precarious Residence)

If your Certificate (Precaria) expired after 17th March 2020, remember that:

The validity of the certificate of residence of asylum-seeker (Precaria) shall be extended as long as the preventive and mandatory social distancing and isolation measures be extended (see Disposition N° 1714/2020 of the National Boreau of Migration and its amendments)

This means that you do not need to follow any procedure in particular to renew your precaria since its validity will be extended automatically.


Since our office will remain closed, we will inform through this channel when you may submit your application before this Secretariat.


Due to the large amount of inquiries we receive daily, we ask that you read carefully the following frequently asked questions.


What happens if I do not renew my certificate of precarious residence (“precaria”)?
Precarias will be renewed automatically, according to Disposition 1714/2020; article 2°, of the Argentine Migration Office, for you will not need any extra procedure to renew your precaria.

What should I do if I have a personal interview scheduled?
Your interview will be cancelled and rescheduled when our office becomes operational again. We will announce it via this channel.

What should I do if I have an appointment scheduled for submitting a refugee status application?
If you have an appointment scheduled you must send your appointment slip via e-mail to [email protected] and it will be rescheduled in the same order it was originally.

What happens with the deadline to file the hierarchical appeal?
If you have been notified of the Conare resolution on your refugee status application, and the 10-day deadline to appeal is running, such deadline will be suspended according to Disposition N° 1714/2020 of the Argentina Migration Office, article 5°: “Deadlines will be suspended for the compliance of all notifications, subpoenas or summons arising from procedures of the ARGENTINE MIGRATION OFFICE, as well as deadlines for compliance of notifications to regularize migration status according to Section N° 61 of Act N° 25.871, for a period of THIRTY (30) consecutive days from March 17th, 2020”.

Is the certificate of precarious residence (precaria) a valid document to enter or exit the country?
The certificate of precarious residence for refugee status applicants (precaria) is not evidence of the holders’ identity, and therefore it is not a valid travelling document. You must be a holder of a valid travelling document and meet the migration requirements.

If you have other enquiries, contact us:
E-mail: [email protected]
011 4317-0200 INT. 74022 / 74023

If you need legal advice, you can contact the Office of Legal Aid for Refugees and Refugee Status Applicants Programme, at the Argentine Public Defender’s Office (Res. DGN N° 1.055/11).
E-mail: [email protected]

Given that the present health situation is dynamic, we urge you to check regularly our web page for official communications or announcements.